Are you an Old Soul ? Take this quiz to find out.

Manny Librodo Rosalinda Photo by Manny Librodo “Rosalinda”

This has shown up frequently on a number of media outlets.

Sometimes there are 4 questions, sometimes 14. There are a few common traits that the old souls share.

1. You don’t fit in. Never have. You are uncomfortable in most social situations, as you understand how insignificant they really are. You don’t see the point.

2. You relate best to folks who are older than you, even as a child. Early on, people could talk to you like an adult. You liked your teachers better than your fellow students.

3. You have little or no interest in material goods. They bore you.

4. You size up people really quickly. There is no type you haven’t met before. You have a well-evolved “bs” detector.

5. You are a deep thinker. You seek knowledge…

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