The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion people are intrinsically good. This is based on my own observations and not a product of the belief about how God create everything good, before original sin came to be.

It’s hard to put into words my thoughts exactly, thus you will have to bear with me. Everyone tries to do, in the big picture, what they think is right. The difference between two opposing parties whether it be pro-life or pro-choice or democrat or republican is what they think the right thing is. We all are trying to stand for what we think is right. Is that simple enough to understand? The only difference between us is what we value and what we think is right. We are all basically trying to do the right thing.

The more I think about this and the interactions with people on a more social level, the more I come to understand people are the way they are because of certain factors. The more I come to realize this is the greater concept of accepting everyone as they are. This however requires empathy and an understanding nature. These qualities are not something everyone has, and these qualities I think are what allows someone to see the good in others. I will admit when I was suffering from episode of depression, I found most people not to be good people. They seemed so selfish and liable to hurt others like me who are considered to have a sensitive personality type. They didn’t seem to be people I could rely on because they lacked this depth.

With my vision more clear, I can see despite their flaws people are really intrinsically good. It is, however, a lack of understanding and empathy I find is in a lot people. We really dislike someone because we can’t understand them and we do not have an empathy for them. We can’t understand how come they act the way they do. The fact remains everyone tries to do what they think is right, maybe not in the sense of cheating and other minor things, but in conflict with friends and other issues.

The thing is we are all trying to do our best and we are all intrinsically good. I think more people would get along if there was more understanding to others and had more thought given to people. Perhaps, the problem is we don’t look beyond ourselves sometimes.


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