I usually meditate on a biblical verse or concept each week. This piece is my meditation from last week, the week of Halloween. I meditated on this verse: “A lamp from the Lord is human life-breath; it searches through the in most being. “ It’s Proverbs 20:27 from the New American Bible translation.

A lamp equals light, not much light to illuminate all of the darkness though. The word life breath reminded me of Elijah and how God breathed on dry bones, and they came alive. Thus, perhaps this is saying the lamp is what keeps our faith alive. In the light is where you see what you have done and who you are and not what your mind perceives of yourself in the dark. The dark can be perhaps considered justification and the light would be where one sees what they have done and resolves to change that nature about themselves. Therefore, perhaps since the lamp is a little light, it is to guide us to what needs to be fixed right now and illuminate one bad habit at a time. This keeps the faith alive and giving it breath, or in other words life. With the intent on progress in an area, one has faith with works, and faith without works is dead. One can become complacent in their faith and hit a standstill, but the lamp helps reveal where else one can go. Complacency can kill one’s faith and progress and lead to regression. The lamp searching the inmost being allows for one to not grow lax spiritually and have their living faith slowly fade into dead faith. It is a continual process that this passage refers to and is what gives faith continual life breath.

I looked at the new international version of this verse and found it to be very different: “The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord that sheds light on the one’s Inmost being.” This version of the verse gives a very different picture than the one I had above. From this sentence structure of the verse on my meditation, I found it to be more about how ones works flow from how their heart is. This was in my mind a reference to the verse in proverbs that state “guard your heart; because everything flows from it.” The spirit shows what type of person one is because actions will flow from it and reveal the true nature of the person. The human spirit since it causes certain actions will reveal if someone has good fruit in the Lord and if someone is a false prophet.


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