They say an idle person is more likely to fall into sin and get tempted. This idea is true, however, I want to clarify, that being too busy can be a problem too. If one is too busy than you may lose sight of hanging out with your friends and other important events in people’s lives and forget to experience people and create great memories. This can also come into play in someone’s spiritual life. If we are truly trying to follow God, He would be our first priority and not our last. This means we would make time for Him. This idea doesn’t mean that we can’t be busy, but that there should be some type of moderation. This moderation will give someone the balance between their work and activity life and their spiritual life. God is like any other relationship there has to be work and a time to get to know each other. This is essential to life and a person’s wellbeing. There is this saying, “don’t be too busy doing God’s work to not know God himself.” This saying basically says that someone should not value other activities, such as extracurricular activities, as more important than God and the time you have with him. They should be in the way, but one should plan a schedule that allows for one’s relationship with God to flourish through prayer, meditation, study, going to mass, and most of all receiving the Eucharist.

In the more Neo-Platonist view, implied by Pseudo–Dionysius in Divine Names, the closer someone gets to the ultimate good, this case being God, the closer someone is to be virtuous. This is because once you are close to God you will know what is considered right and wrong and also what is good. This idea is further clarified in that once you come close to God and come to love him one will naturally have this follow of right actions because the person now only wants to do things that please God. Therefore in accordance with this view, perhaps the idea of being too busy is one that would drag you away from this natural occurring transformation or change because there is this distance between God and the person being built. This then moves to the fact that if one is too busy for their spirituality then one is not growing at all in that stage and is in fact regressing. The view that seems to be implied in the Neo-Platonist element of the idea is that God perhaps meets us where we are at and as we draw closer we are able to change bad behavior.

The Neo-Platonist view can be found in a sort of second level to the Catholic theory of Ethics as put forth by Saint Thomas Aquinas. I mention this to state that I’m not supporting Neo-Platonism wholly, but that Neo-Platonism is a part of Aquinas lessons and thinking. To be more specific, Aquinas actually kind of married Platonism and Aristotelian in his ideas.

Thus, going off of my pervious thoughts, prayer and spiritual life should be a priority in people’s lives just like how talking to your spouse or the person you are dating is important. It is up to us as individuals to have moderation in how busy we are so are spiritual lives are not smothered and put to the side for other lesser goods that the world offers. If we truly understand what God is then we should see Him as the ultimate good and make time for Him in our lives always. He should not be considered an option that can be done away and reinstated when everything is convenient for you.

These are just my thoughts as I try to maintain a good spiritual life in college and balance social life, love life, homework, sleep, work, and extracurricular activities.


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